Omg guys it’s been forever!!!! how are you guys doing? Miss me?

I have really been MIA but I have been a bit active on Instagram so if you don’t follow me there please do @larisalefleur. I just wanted to let you all know that I have decided to start blogging as this is my first love and I can’t take for granted you guys for sticking with me and coming back even after I have been inconsistent.

February 2018 I started a business after I was denied a visa to travel for my Masters. I didn’t reapply because I was confused about moving or staying in Nigeria to start a business. My prayer was God if this isn’t your will for me then whatever happens ill take it and I didn’t get it and even though I was feeling pressured to reapply again I didn’t because I knew that was not what I was meant to do at that time.

A month later after praying and asking God for direction I woke up one morning and knew I had to start my flower business. It was something I knew I would do one day but not so soon. I later realized it was God telling me this is what I should do and I decided to start.

I started! with artificial and fresh roses, boy it was not so easy. A lot of people didn’t believe in me even though I had people that did but I still got the ‘is it not just flower’ ‘who buys flower in Nigeria’ but I knew anything God directs you to do and u feel and believe in that dream that it would end well. And a year later guys! I sell real roses that last a year and even when I sell a 60k, 50k box of roses I still can’t believe it myself. This year Valentine I was so thankful as I sold out, worked with Hilton and had to employ 2 people a week to Valentine and saw 7 figures after the sales and I was shocked. I kept waking up every morning thanking God.

So starting a business, hustling and putting in money made blogging take a backseat for a while but now it’s like over a year and I quit my job lol (Story for another day) So I have time now and I started a youtube as well where ill share DIY videos so I will let you know once I upload my next post.

I almost didn’t post this because my VSCO subscription expired and I had to find a way to edit as I am not ready to pay the 6500 to renew my subscription yet so please bear with me with the weird edit. Hope you still love me tho 😀

I am wearing an amazing dress by a Nigerian designer called May27couture. I am so obsessed with this dress, the details, fit and the finishing is perfect. I paired with white glasses, silver shoes and a silver bag to give me a perfect slay boss look. LOL!

I love how talented Nigerian designers have become and I can’t wait to show you guys a lot more outfits from May27couture and other Nigerian Brands soon. check out her Instagram @may27_couture and thank me later.

What do you think about my outfit? let me know below.

Thank you for reading.


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