Do You Hate Your Weight, Tummy, Self? Learn How to Renew Your Mind In 2019.

Renew your mind in 2019, you need to read this if you have insecurities, If you deal with comparison if you hate or struggle with how you look or whatever part of your body.

Happy New Year Guys!!!! I am really thankful we all got into 2019. It’s not by our power but by the grace of God. Don’t forget to thank him. 2019 is going to be an amazing year for everyone reading this.

This year has been the only year in my life I actually struggled with my weight, I have never been that person to even drink a smoothie, work out or eat healthy. I always used to say eat and enjoy your life.I used to be really small and tiny and I hated it for years and prayed to add weight and when it came all the fat went to my face lol.

Then I realized my wedding was getting closer and I didn’t want a fat face in my pictures and started working on it. I stopped taking a lot of pictures, blog pictures were also a struggle, the ones I posted had to because it was for a brand and I had to do it.

Before I knew it, I had moved from oh I have a fat face to why can’t my face be like hers, why is my nose so big, My arms are getting big, my belly isn’t so flat anymore. Luckily for me I believe so much in the law of attraction and the fact that when you worry or dwell on anything it only gets worse and so I snapped out of it and began to appreciate and work on my mind. I started telling myself I am perfect, and all I needed to do was eat healthy, drink loads of water and workout to get fit and be happy and content with however I looked.

This Brings me to what I want discuss with you guys today, It is not easy being in a world where perfection is the go to. Everyone has and wants to be perfect. Our society has told us what perfection is and a lot of girls are trying to attain these unrealistic perfection.

You see Instagram models or celebrities advertising flat tummy tea and you hop on it and end up wasting a lot of money on things that do not work meanwhile she got a flat tummy because she has a nutritionist, personal chef, personal trainer, surgery, airbrushers and photoshop. But you want to be as hot and look like her by having anxiety and hating on yourself every day. Girl… You need to change that in 2019.

I was always of the opinion that we should leave everyone to do whatever they wanted to do with their bodies as long as it makes them happy. But lately, I got to realize that people make certain choices because they envy others and hate the way they look. people have a wrong idea of what is hot and not and when they find it hard to achieve or get those things it ends in depression with insecurity and inferiority complex. Then they decide to go under the knife but after doing this, do they really fell much better? If you watch Botched on E! you will see that most of them never get content and keep coming back for more surgeries to satisfy that feeling.

Corporations have spent decades telling people they weren’t good enough and selling an idea of what beauty is, Now people do not know how to love themselves anymore because they are trying to look like the world’s ideal standard of beauty.

Few weeks ago my 10 year old brother asked me for green tea, I asked what he needed it for and he said he wants to lose weight because people call him fat and my uncle asked him to drink green tea. I was so angry…Like are you Kidding me right now?? He is 10 Years old! Like I am so done with our society with the bullying, calling people fat, ugly, not sexy, manish body and so on.

We need to let people enjoy their lives, let them be who they want to be, the person you are calling names knows and probably is quietly trying to work on it or is just really content or does not care so why do you care? I had to talk to my brother about loving himself, ignoring people and not letting things people say to get to him.

I am a fashion blogger and I love editing but when we have apps like face tune that makes you alter your nose, jaw and everything then you should know how messed up our society is. People don’t know how to love themselves anymore.

Rather than over thinking about eating less, starving yourself, I think women should do more, enjoy your lives, make more money, learn more, do more, have mad ass fun, treat yourself, go get waffles and ice cream and fucking live your life because what are you going to remember on your death bed? that you spent your whole life trying to gain the world’s standard of perfection instead of impacting peoples lives and making amazing memories.

Don’t get me wrong women should definitely strive for optimal health and well being both mentally, physically and spiritually as they define it for themselves and not what the world says. If you want to strive for a flat tummy then fine but it would be sad if you can’t eat a cake at a wedding because you feel guilty?? Life is to be lived but if you are too wrapped up about your size or body to notice. I really do feel bad for you. Balance is Key.

Also Research has shown that your thoughts about your body kinda has an effect on your tissues, so if you are insulting yourself everyday and working out it won’t really work because your cells are listening to your words. So if you aren’t sending them love, you are not going to like the results.

So what I am really saying is love yourself, not everyone is meant to be thin, have big bum, flat tummy or whatever. Love yourself. And if for any reason you want any of these. do it because you feel it’s the right thing to do and not for the wrong reasons. Chanage your mindset, learn to start loving yourself for you and not wanting to be someone else .

I am not saying don’t care about your appearance because you all know me.. I love to look hot and peng lol, but this is one of my priorities and not everything I care about. I was watching a youtube video about a bloggers weight loss and she said there has never been a time in her life when she wasn’t trying to lose weight and I felt so sad because she had a perfect body. She was still beautiful and hot the way she looked before.

I started this post talking about the insecurities I had, so that you know everyone deals with something, not everyone is confident 100% at first. I did a blog post with some other bloggers last year about dressing for your body type so you see that you can still look good however you look. check it out here

Do you and be wise in 2019 and learn to feel valuable and see how amazing you are beyond the flesh.

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I would love to hear your views on this topic?

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