How To Rock A Shirt Dress

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Hi Everyone!

I hope you guys are having an amazing week because I am. I am so sorry I have not been here for a long time but I have been preparing to be a bride. will give all the deets later but for now, let’s focus on my amazing outfit.

So I came across this brand recently that I fell in love with after seeing their designs. They are called ‘dominabymichelle’ They are a clothing brand in Abuja, Nigeria that sell male and female outfits.

To be honest I was shocked at how beautiful and creative this shirt dress looks, In fact, Deji was like where are we going to next so you can wear this lmao!!!! I actually felt like I got this from forever 21 or Zara, it is super stylish and I totally love the dress.

This Amy button down, shirt dress has this high/low details on the bottom of the dress, one hand is longer than the other, and then it has a button that is like a brooch, In fact, the dress is a 10 for me. I don’t know about you guys but I have found a second Nigerian designer bestie and I am not going back.

So you want to know how to rock a shirt dress?

  • Get a badass Shirtdress
  • Pair with heels or Trainers
  • Get a cute or dramatic bag
  • Strut your stuff


I can’t wait to share the other outfits I got from them but before then visit their page on Instagram @dominabymichelle or and shop.

You all know I won’t send you somewhere I don’t like, right?

Will be back soon, Love you Guys




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