A Must Have Work Dress For Ladies

Red print Dress

Red print Dress

Red print Dress

Red print Dress

Red print Dress

Red print Dress

Hola Everyone!!

It is safe to say I am back and ready for ya all. 2018 has been a weird-ass year that I would gist you guys about in my podcast so Make sure to follow me on Instagram to know when it drops. However, I am super excited and grateful for my life and I can say I have a new perspective on life right now.

So where are all my working boss ladies at!!!!!!  This post is for you because I found a Nigerian brand that you could literally buy all your work clothes from and slay forever! Literally!

I really love tight fitted clothes and always felt like dresses like this won’t suit me at all but after wearing this @maxinearthurs.store dress I was really shocked and excited that It was perfect for me. I really love the prints and the details in the hand and body and I feel like it makes me look like a boss.

So long story short I have found a new designer that I am going to get all my work clothes from and I decided to share the good news because I love you guys.

so check out @maxinearthurs.store to see more beautiful dresses.

 I don’t know if I have told you guys but I rebranded and I sell real roses that last for a year, God has been blessing my business since I rebranded and I am very grateful. Do check out @larisalefleurflorals on Instagram.

Would you wear a dress like this to work?? Is it your style?

Thank you for visiting.


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