5 Pieces To Invest In Right Now In The Hot Nigerian Weather

5 pieces to invest in right now

I can Imagine everyone complaining about the heat in Nigeria right now like I have been doing. It feels like there is a heatwave that won’t go away and going out is a chore because you have to ensure you are super comfortable as well as wearing the best face primer to ensure your makeup does not melt and embarrass you.

However, there are ways to go about it and that is why I decided to come up with 5 pieces to Invest in to make you super comfortable.

I made a widget of items I put together, you can scroll through, see the options, pick the best one for you and shop by clicking on the widget which takes you directly to the site where you can pay and order your item.

5 pieces to invest in right now:

A Summer Dress:

Girl!! You know you need this?! In this really hot season throwing on a cute summer dress that is stress-free is my number 1 lifesaver and go to piece. Summer dresses are the basics yet statement pieces this season because you can put on one, throw on a sandal or sneakers and off you go. Pair with a hat and sandals and you can get a perfect street style look.

(I picked out 16 summer dresses below, select and click on the picture to buy)

Wideleg Pants:

If you want to stay cool in the heat and totally hate wearing a denim or you can’t wear jeans to work and skirts are going to be a burden in this weather? then wide leg pants are perfect for you. Also called palazzo pants, culottes, flares, bell bottoms they are perfect because they offer more room for movement and for air to circulate.

(I picked out 7 wide leg pants below, select and click on the picture to buy)


Flipflops and comfy slip-on sandals, casual sandals are the way to go in this hot weather. If you have to go to work, you can get tiny heel sandals like the one below that is super comfortable.

(I picked out some sandals and flats, select and click on the picture to buy)



Now that we have a very warm weather, sunglasses are essential for our wardrobe because it is a good way to protect your eyes as well as look hot and cool.

(Check out some cool sunglasses below and shop)



When I say big bags I don’t mean giant bags but bags that your makeup, deodorant or a tiny perfume, slippers or any essential product that you need can fit in. You might not get it but I like to carry my whole life around like water, charger, flats and a lot more than I cannot mention because they are too much. However, I love it because I am always comfortable during the heat as I have all I need.

(I picked out some bags below, select and click on the picture to buy)



These are my 5 Summer/Hot weather essentials right now.

What are yours? let me know in the comment section.


    • Larisa
      17 April 2018 / 19:59

      I know right, it would look perfect on you 🙂

    • Larisa
      17 April 2018 / 20:00

      It is very much needed, oh hello

    • Larisa
      18 April 2018 / 17:30

      Yasss i love it too!!

  1. Gabrielle
    18 April 2018 / 16:46

    You look SO stylish in this look and I’m dying over that dreamy Chanel bag. Love your styling advice for the hot weather, especially picking up plenty of sunglasses and sandals 🙂

    aglassofice.com x

    • Larisa
      18 April 2018 / 17:41

      Lol thank you so much

  2. 20 April 2018 / 15:29

    Ok I just went on a shopping spree and bought most of these items!! Such a great round up babe!! Thank you so much for sharing!!




    • Larisa
      6 May 2018 / 08:18

      Haa perfect!!! Thanks for visiting xoxo

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