Ankara Top and Fringe Skirt

Ankara top and fringe skirt Happy New Year!!!!

Welcome to 2018, my lovely readers.

You all are really amazing for sticking with me through all the process I have had to go through with this blog.

I have wanted to quit a 100 times, being really Inconsistent since 2016, I let my life issues interfere with my passion, I was mad at the world because I have not achieved all the things I thought I would achieve at this stage of my life, I told myself I wasn’t good enough, creative enough and maybe I should stop blogging and go into hiding.

Just like every other job, We all have doubts, fear, and worry. In 2017 I learnt the actual meaning of contentment and patience.

Content that where I am right now is where God want’s me to be and that there is no need to worry about the unnecessaries because it doesn’t solve anything. Instead work more on my craft and strive to do everything I can do to be better.

Patience because there is no hurry in life and When God say’s the time is right to get what I want, I will definitely get it.

In 2017 I also learnt not to panic about anything but Have faith that everything will be fine.

Ankara top and fringe skirt Ankara top and fringe skirt Ankara top and fringe skirt Ankara top and fringe skirtStarting my New Year wearing two Nigerian brands that are super talented and affordable depending on what you want.

I am wearing an Ankara top from Alexairoclothing and a fringe skirt from  @thedefintionclothing.

I absolutely love how this outfit makes me feel and I am really proud of Nigerian brands. The finishing of the top and skirt is actually perfect and you get value for your money.

See How I styled the skirt in another way HERE

Check out their Instagram and tell them I sent you.

Thanks to everyone for entering the Giveaway to win the Ark bag HERE. You Guys are amazing and sorry this is coming late but the winner is Preye Goodness.

 Rafflecopter chose her as the winner of the bag and her bag will be sent to her soon.

Congratulations love!!

Please stick with me in 2018 and I promise you will not regret it.



Top: Alexairoclothing

Skirt: thedefinitionclothing

Bag: Zara

Shoe: Primark


  1. 2 January 2018 / 11:35

    Really wish I won. but you look amazing girl. 2018 is going to be a great year. Cheers.

    • Larisa
      2 January 2018 / 18:41

      Baby Girl I know right!! You were the second runner up ooh! Promise to get it for you if I find again

  2. Winifred
    2 January 2018 / 18:45

    This is how you come into the new year girlllll!
    I am happy for all the realisations from 2017, it means 2018 about to be a movement! And I am here for all of it! Definitely sticking with you in 2018 with no doubts, worries or fears.
    Your outfit and write up is lovely by the way

  3. 6 February 2018 / 19:37

    This is a beautiful outfit babe. I’ve also had so many struggles with my blog but we will pull through it. Great post babe!

    My Fashion Musings

  4. 12 February 2018 / 16:11

    Loving this look. I’ve not been big on the fringe trend… I don’t think I own anything fringe…but you nailed the look… Also acquiring more Ankara items is on my 2018 bucket list..

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