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I have been MIA for the whole of November on the blog and so I decided to share a little bit of what’s been happening in my life lately.

Firstly, sorry about the lack of blog post, my laptop got issues and a lot of my pictures and videos are stuck in there till it is fixed. Sadly, I am actually not motivated to take new pictures and have been really weak about the whole thing but I guess I have to stand up and actually do something.

October was a really stressful month for me but November has been an amazing month and I am super grateful to God for bringing me this far.

 I got engaged on November 5th and I was super surprised lol

I am very happy to be engaged to the love of my life and I thank God for seeing us through the past 3 years, it has not always been perfect but its all been God.

For the people that want to hear a love story lol!

He slid into my Dm on Instagram and I ignored him for weeks then he kept commenting on my pictures and stalking me lmao!! I had to finally reply and we talked for a while as friends then phone number and started talking on whats app and when I got back to Nigeria we had to see.

I remember how he told me one day out of the blue, ‘I would marry you someday’ we weren’t even a thing then, and I took a screenshot of the message and sent to a group with my friends and I was like,’ look at this one, who is he deceiving?’ loll.

We Just concluded he was a Yoruba demon right there lol! I learnt to never judge a book by its cover because he became all I ever wanted in a man. I remember I prayed and told God if he is not the one, he should Just go because I could not deal with unnecessary people in my life at that time

Yes I pray about everything don’t be surprised.


Even though I am super excited because we are going to have a wedding!!!! I am constantly preparing my mind because marriage is not always rosy and not a joking stuvs in falzthebadguy’s voice.

But when you have God and is getting married to your friend then I think it becomes exciting to take the next step. Nysc

November 2nd I passed out of Nysc, If you know me you would know that I hated that shit! lol

I think it is a total waste of time and energy and the benefits that used to be attached to it are all gone, so it is useless at this point to me. However I had to do it and serve my country anyway and I am grateful to God for seeing me through and helping me pass out successfully because to be honest I thought I would get an extension for sleeping on Fridays when I should be at Cds.

Remember this post HERE where I talked about starting NYSC.

Just really happy its over and I can start my life properly now. I got invited for an event and I went with friends .

Would not get into details but I had so much fun with my people and taking pictures after dressing up was my sole accomplishment that day.

I decided to share pictures of what I was wearing since we haven’t had a style post in a while.

I got this floral top while food shopping in the market last year, it was one of those moments where u see something and you have to stop to buy it. I really loved the vintage vibes it gave me.

I paired the top with white pants and gold heels to complete my look.

By the way I have a giveaway coming up soon, so pls do check back.

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  1. 24 November 2017 / 09:27

    Lol girl he sure surprised you! Love really does come in the most unexpected places. Congrats, I’m super excited for you guys! Glad you had a good month. Congrats on passing out. We look forward to seeing you back here very soon.

    Princess Audu

    • Larisa
      24 November 2017 / 10:30

      Lolll yes oo Thank you so much love, yes oo I am already here and not leaving again lol

  2. 24 November 2017 / 22:03

    I had to stop by for the love story i love love.. co grats again!!

    • Larisa
      26 November 2017 / 16:30

      Loll Thank you dear

  3. 25 November 2017 / 02:14

    Congrats girl!!!! Can’t wait to see more post!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Larisa
      26 November 2017 / 16:31

      Thank you so much love, will deff post more!!

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