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turn a shirt into an off the shoulder top
Last year
through to this year, we have seen the off the shoulder trend in every
conceivable way, shape, and form. I mentioned in one of my earlier posts; I
have a lot of these off the shoulder tops and have been obsessed with the trend,
you can see them HERE, HERE and HERE.
Recently, I
was going through my closet and I was staring at this lovely work shirt that I got for Christmas :D, and while I
was thinking of  what  I was going to wear to go out with friends; I
remembered how “Aimee song” and a few stylish women on the streets of Paris and
New York turned their shirts into  an off
the shoulder tops. I got really excited thinking about that, and decided to
turn my “work shirt” into an off the shoulder top. Pretty exciting!! Now my
regular work shirt is a stylish shirt, which
I can wear out with friends for drinks, a date, or an event.
TBH this is
the easiest DIY version of the off-the-shoulder ever, you literally just
unbutton the top half of your shirt, pull it over your shoulder and tie to your
waist or tuck it in like I did in a jean or skirt or pants. I didn’t even need
a big shirt to do this; this shirt is my perfect size.
I am so
excited about this because I do not have work shirts anymore but Stylish
I’m a huge
fan of this DIY, I mean, who isn’t? They’re cute, simple and easy to make. The
best part is you can style them as much as you’d like by adding accessories,
belt or whatever you want.
If you do not
go out a lot, and therefore you do not have varieties of blouses or tops but
definitely have shirts for work.  Go
ahead and try this DIY out, and let me know how it goes.
Also, comment and leave
your feedbacks!
Thank youShirt: Hawes and Curtis
Skirt: Thrifted
Bag: Marks and Spencer
Shoes: Shoe Republic LA
Neck chain: Ali express


  1. Sarah Enuwa Audu
    16 May 2017 / 13:50

    I like the idea of styling a shirt off the shoulder, its a great way to reinvent what would probably be a boring or predictable piece.

    Princess Audu

  2. Kellie Valerie
    16 May 2017 / 21:31

    This is such a dope look! Loving your shirt!
    Check out my lookbook and blog when you can! 🙂

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