waffle stop abuja



the waffle stop abuja


waffle stop






lmao!!!!!! I never smile like this



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If you don’t know, I would like to tell you now that I love food or maybe its just waffles, Ice cream and milkshakes. I feel like If you want to bribe me that’s all you need to give me.
My friends and I decided we needed a day out to eat, chill and have fun and somehow we found the waffle stop on Instagram.
we all had our different schedules so we had to set a date and kept drooling waiting for the day we were going to enjoy our lives at the restaurant and I remember I kept going on their page to droll and get really hungry lol.
The day finally arrived and we made sure we had loads of fun Gisting, taking pictures and of course enjoying the meal. I feel like going out to eat is the only fun thing to do in Abuja. If I am wrong please let me know where I can go because I need it.
The waffle stop was nice and it’s located at dunes so it has a quiet, neat and perfect location. we had a little issue with a waiter but It was sorted and we went back to our meal.
By the way my friends and I wearing yellow was not planned at all 😀
This is not a sponsored post, I really like food and I plan to do a lot of food reviews in the future so If you are in Abuja and need to chill keep visiting my blog because I have a lot of post in my draft.
By the way who has realised sewing is the way of life in this Nigerian economy right now, A tailor sewed our outfits and it was at an affordable price. we wanted to look really nice but free to eat a lot and not look bloated, a cute dress and a free blouse with Jeans is Just the right outfit for this date.
Thank you for visiting
Btw say Hi to Winifred and Juliet.


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