The perfect skirt to wear with an off the shoulder top







off shoulder top and tulle skirt


off the shoulder top and tulle skirt


the perfect skirt ti wear with an off the shoulder top


Hello Hello!
How is everyone doing?
It is a beautiful day and I feel like a blogpost would make it even better.
 I realized that I have like a hundred off the shoulder tops, but it’s not my fault they look cute lol!
I am wearing a black off the shoulder top from the definition clothing and a Tulle skirt I got while thrifting.
I always wear an off the shoulder top with jeans, pants, skirt, but when I got this tulle skirt I thought of pairing it with this top because I wanted to look really girly and after seeing the outcome I kinda realized I want a really big and fluffy tulle skirt so I can twirl in it.
I know this look is super girly, but it’s great to have this in your closet if you want to feel like a Disney princess someday.
I remember how obsessed I was with the tulle trend and how I always dreamt of getting one so when I saw this even if it wasn’t what I really wanted I had to get it because it still looks cute and I love …love the skirt.
I love the top as well because it has detachable hands and it is super comfortable. If you want one look up thedefinitionclothing on Instagram and order one.
Do you like this look?
How would you rock this?
Have a nice day Guys
Top: Thedefinitionclothing
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Shoe republic La
Purse: Dkny


  1. Juliet Okoli
    29 March 2017 / 16:28

    Love it!

  2. En_kay
    30 March 2017 / 07:53

    Very classy

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