How to get over the feeling of discouragement, sadness, failure and Guilt

how to get over disappointment and sadness


how to get over disappointment and sadness
Hey Guys
So few days ago, I woke up feeling Bleh!
I just didn’t feel good about myself and I kept thinking and asking myself why I haven’t achieved all the things I hoped to achieve at this time of my life because I felt last year was just horrible and then I suddenly remembered all the amazing things God helped me achieve in 2016 and I had to quickly snap out of it and decided to go on youtube to watch a sermon because that is what i do every time I don’t feel happy.
So I saw a sermon by Joel Osteen and as one of my favourite preachers ever I decided to watch the video and take notes so I can share on the blog.
  • You won’t live a victorious life if you are always reliving what didn’t work out, who hurt you, what mistakes you have made.
  • Plant the right seed in your life: words are like seeds, if you speak something out, you give life to what you are saying if you continue to say it then it becomes a reality. if you are prophesying victory into your future your life will move in the direction of your word. so basically you are planting seeds and when you talk negative and lack do not expect abundance.
  • Be in peace and know that God is directing your steps even when you are in difficulty.
  • Do not accept mediocrity: Do not let people put you in a box and because their thinking is limited they try to put the limitations on you but put your foot down and refuse to listen.
  • Input positive things into our life don’t say I am slow, I am unlucky, I am not attractive, you invite negative things so Instead say I am blessed, I am blessed, I am strong, I am healthy.
  • Do not give up on what God promised you, do not let your dreams die, keep trying.
  • let go of the past and stop blaming people, others and ourselves. Stop relieving the past whether it happened 20yrs or 20 minutes ago. You cannot live a victorious life if you keep remembering how people hurt you.
  • Do not waste your pain: Every pain you go through will eventually pass, you will get through it and you will change but it all depends on you. You can come out bitter or better, Everyone experiences pain don’t go through it but grow through it.
  • let your enemies motivate you: sometimes God will put critiques, haters in our lives don’t get upset but see them as motivation to try harder.
So these are the few points I would like everyone to reflect on.
Oh and By the way I love that Abuja bloggers are coming together and getting to know ourselves. This was me on Saturday at a picnic we had.
Have a nice day guys



  1. Juliet Okoli
    29 March 2017 / 15:26

    Awwwww booboo thanks so much for sharing this! It really uplifted my spirit. Will call you in a bit!!!

  2. Anthony Edeh
    4 April 2017 / 03:17


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