The Goddess piece by The Definition Clothing.







the goddess piece




It was my Birthday Sunday and even though I didn’t celebrate it, I had an amazing time with God, my friends and the bf 🙂
I got this amazing piece from The definition clothing last year and I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it and while I was thinking of what to wear for my birthday shoot, I was super excited that I had this outfit because it is perfect.
The definition clothing is an amazing brand that makes breathtaking outfit and you guys should totally check them out on Instagram @thedefinitionclothing and order something if you want to slay.
I have a few quotes I would like to share.
  • ” The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth”
  • ” The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible”
  • Being Happy dosen’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond Imperfections
On my Birthday I actually sat down to think about my life and how far I have come and I realised that throughout 2016 I kept focusing on the bad things that happened to me, I was always Negative and there were literarily no positive thoughts at all in my head and that’s why 2016 was one of my worst years ever but it was an amazing year as well because I achieved a lot of things that I am really grateful for and from the lessons I learnt, I realised that the battles of life are won or lost in your thinking. When you think victory, you will have victory no matter how long it takes but when you have thoughts of fear and whatever it can actually happen.
So Challenge yourself today, positive thoughts, give your all to God and have an amazing 2017.
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    • Larisa
      7 September 2017 / 20:48

      Thank you so much xoxo

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