Getting My Mojo Back

Hey Everyone!
Is black the new black or what?
I know I promised call to bar pictures but that would be the next post.
I have had these pictures in my draft since like October and I wanted to post it..I think it’s time.
For me, this has been an exciting week and I am super glad my blogging mojo is back. A friend of mine winifred( hello gurl!) lol told me to take my time and relax and not think about it so much and she was right because now I know that I still love blogging and I can’t leave for now and I still have that feeling I had when I started blogging and the love is still right here and I am really glad, this is really weird tho but the mojo came back like this week after call to bar lol? could it be that God wanted me to concentrate in law school and that was why it left? hmm…God works in mysterious ways tho…you can never know…whatever it was thank you lord!! lol.
I am Glad its back tho.
Anyways I have a lot of exciting post and I can’t wait to share.
Omg guys It’s December!!
Happy new month!
So I am not really obsessed with black but sometimes after going on Pinterest, Instagram, twitter and I see some amazing all black outfits, I get super excited and I suddenly feel like I should try an all black outfit again and that is how this outfit came to my head. I decided to wear a leather top with a skater skirt, blazer, purse, statement necklace and I added the belt to give it a different look. You can wear this outfit if you wanna go somewhere and you wanna look a little bit serious and it’s really easy to put together too.
I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend.
Thank you for visiting


  1. Sarah Enuwa Audu
    4 December 2016 / 17:36

    I love the different layers in this look. Especially your skirt. Black is such a cool colour to pull off and it always work. Though people always ask if I'm going to a funeral. Dont mind them.
     Princess Audu 

    • 11 January 2017 / 22:12

      Lol dont mind them…:D thanks love

  2. En_kay
    5 December 2016 / 17:00

    So pretty…you and black
    Can't wait for the call to bar pictures.Beautiful

  3. Winifred Atusue
    12 December 2016 / 10:27

    Yasssss girl! Glad to have you back. Enjoy your runway!

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