Back Finally!

Hey Guys!
Long time, it’s been like 3 months since I had a life and I am super glad I am back finally and I just want to thank everyone for checking on me and visiting the blog even when I didn’t post anything because my views kept Increasing and I am really grateful.
For those that have no Idea why I disappeared for like 3 months well I had my law bar final exams and I needed to put every other thing aside and focus and study because this is the last lap for me and I wanted to finish well and by the grace of God I am going to be a lawyer in December.
I got a lot of questions about law school in Nigeria and how it is for people coming for bar 1 and 2 and by next week I will upload a video talking all it and my experience and what to expect, accommodation and everything but before I put up the post it might be too late for people resuming bar 2 next month, so for people that do not want to stay in the hostel in Abuja campus you can call Barrister Uko Etuk on 08134142807 to get an accommodation off campus and he will make life easier for you trust me.
I miss blogging and I am really excited to be back!!!!!!!
Theoluchi of came to law school in July and it was nice to have another blogger around and after our exams after eating too much, getting fat and sleeping for like 2 weeks straight lmao! we took pictures for our blogs and she styled me and I love how I look, we did the off shoulder thing with a big white shirt paired with a slit skirt and choker to give the sexy, chic look. 
Anyway I am very happy to be back and I am not going anywhere again so Hola.


  1. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi
    4 October 2016 / 11:00

    Yay welcome back dear and congrats on law school. Good to have you back.
    I love the way she styled you, you look great.

    • 4 October 2016 / 18:17

      Thank you love, I missed this 😀

  2. Sarah Enuwa Audu
    4 October 2016 / 17:52

    Welcome back girl and congrats in advance. Although I'm not a big fan of the skirt as the slit is a tad too high, I love how the white shirt was rocked, very creative too.
    Princess Audu

    • 4 October 2016 / 18:20

      Thank you love 🙂 I realised it was that high when I wanted to post them lol I guess I put the skirt on my waist so high because its not so high in real life lol

  3. Vanessa Vese
    5 October 2016 / 21:18

    Baby girlllll ❤❤❤ I love how sexxaayyy this outfits looks on you. The white shirt off shoulder trend really does look good on you. Slay on!!!!

    • 11 October 2016 / 17:53

      Thank you lover, you styled me perfectly 🙂

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