Parental Advisory Sweatshirt

parental advisory sweatshirt





parental advisory sweatshirt


Hey Guys
whats popping!
So I have few weeks break from law school and I am half excited because I get to eat and sleep for some days before I get back to my books…I Just can’t wait to be done!
There are some amazing designers with lovely designs that I always wish I could get but there are always so expensive and I am always super excited when I find inspired pieces for a fraction of the price. Most people ask if you need to break the bank to look amazing and the answer is no. You can always get some nice amazing clothes for less without breaking the bank and going broke.
I saw this sweatshirt on khloe Kardashian and I was like this looks amazing and finding it on a site sometime in 2015 for less made me super excited and I had to get one.
The outfit is basically the same colour palette, with a few variations but keeping the same essence, and basically, the principal difference is the cost it had. This top was $20 on she-inside, you can also find it on Choice, Romwe, Aliexpress, forever 21, Amazon, Asos and primark for less and the original price is like $1000.
This is definitely a Steal.
While I can’t wait to be a billionaire and afford a thousand dollar sweatshirt, for now ill stick to my budget and try to find a steal if I love it so much.
I also styled it in a different way HERE
Have an amazing week guys
xoxoShirt: Aliexpress
Jeans: SheInside
Shoes: Romwe
Glasses: Forever 21


    15 April 2016 / 05:07

    My Beautiful Coco love!!! Enjoy my dear 😉

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