I am not perfect but I accept it

                     Do you think about the abilities you lack and things you cannot do?

                              Do you think about the things you want and cant have?
               Ever tried to be someone else? Most times I have tried to be someone else

                                                         but it just didn’t work

           Joyce Meyer ” Through a lot of painful experiences I learnt that I was miserable because

                      God would not help me be something that he has not created me to be.

                            I am not to be someone else, i am to be me, just as you are to be you”.

         You are a unique individual are you enjoying your uniqueness or you are at war with yourself

don’t stress just believe in God, we try to be behave, look, act like other people because we are so

insecure and unsure of who we are, but know that you are a child of God and he is always with you.

                Remove all the insecurities, you are beautiful, you are amazing, Just be u!

      We live in a society where everyone wants to be identified, popular, so much peer pressure and

                                    people do a lot of things to get what they want but

the fact is every single person has insecurities, they have something they cry about, and they never

show that part for you to see, so the next time u are Wishing you were someone else think

again? do you really want to fight the battle the person is fighting, what if they have cancer, what if

they have diseases you don’t know about, what if they are constantly being abused.

      So when you start having insecurities about certain things just know that heaven’s got a plan for

you 🙂 don’t stress just believe in God. you should be like ” WELL GOD GOT ME”.

                 Pastor Joshua “Nobody can make you feel inferior or insecure without your consent”.

                        So be happy, push all the negative thoughts away and live your life, be

contented and grateful some people don’t have anything but you have food to eat and clothes to wear

trust me you are very lucky so start being positive and live your life.

                     I am not perfect I have insecurities too but I fight it, I live my life, I don’t let it stop me

from trying…You should too.



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