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Ankara co ord

Hello loves!!
Long time no post 😀
I am really sorry I have been off for a while but I was working on the blog to make it perfect for you guys and I actually did not want to post till the blog was ready but due to some circumstances it didn’t go as planned and I couldn’t wait any longer.
So I Just decided to go on with posting and everything till it’s perfect.
By the way can you peep my name change?!
I have always wanted to change my blog name and larisasdiary was always a temporary name to me and it was hard coming up with a name for years because I am Just the worst when it comes to picking names.
Over the years I came up with like a 100 names and hated them lmao!!! but this name came into my head at a very weird time, I kept thinking about it for a while and I felt really good about it so I hope you like.
And If you don’t I love you too 🙂
Larisa le fleur Means larisa the flower
I love flowers so I totally love it!!!!!!!!!!!
Ankara flare trouser

Ankara flare trousers

Ankara styles

Ankara outfit to try this summer

Ankara outfit
One of my goals this year was to try a lot of African prints and Ankara styles and God loves me so much because I kept getting Amazing Ankara gifts and I was super excited because I had given up on some of these Nigerian brands that has amazing outfits but *ridiculously expensive* and * waste of money* in my opinion.
I am Just going to wait till I make millions then I will buy.
After hoarding the materials for a while, I finally found a tailor that gets me and I literally gave her all my materials to sew. so guys please keep coming back to my blog because I have a lot more to show.
I decided to try the flare trouser and crop top trend and I am totally so In love with it, I paired with gold shoes and a tiny black bag. I think this outfit is perfect for this summer and I am challenging one of my readers to try it.
By the way I finally made another video and I have a lot more videos coming soon on my youtube channel.
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Thank you for visiting
Outfit: Tailor
Shoes: Misguided
Bag: Marks and spencer


  1. 25 July 2017 / 09:10

    This set is too beautiful, right down from the material to the flares going on. This is indeed a great comeback. I kept wondering why you changed your name so this explains everything. Looking forward to you Rocking more Ankara sets and please oh, hook a sister up with your tailor.

    Princess Audu 

    • Larisa
      5 August 2017 / 16:44

      Thank you so much love, lmaoo you know i will deff hook you up ❤️

  2. 25 July 2017 / 09:25

    Look at my princess!Look at my princess!
    I love the set + the fabric is beautiful! As Sarah said "great comeback"
    Please don't disappear again 🙁

    • Larisa
      5 August 2017 / 16:45

      Thanks boo and yes ma I wont dissapear I promise

  3. Mabel Ozumba
    25 July 2017 / 10:44

    This post just made me a fan of the color yellow! Nice one, planning on taking all my Ankara inspiration from you

    • Larisa
      5 August 2017 / 16:47

      Thank you love and yassss pls do

    • Larisa
      5 August 2017 / 16:48

      Whop!!! Thank you love

    • Larisa
      5 August 2017 / 16:48


  4. Julie
    3 August 2017 / 17:27

    Fabulous Miss Laris! You go girl!

    • Larisa
      5 August 2017 / 16:49

      Thanks lover ❤️

  5. 16 August 2017 / 12:55

    I love Ankara so much and this style is gorgeous! You killed it totally. I mentioned in my recent post how there are so many fab two-piece styles out there & I need to get more creative. love this look!

    • 16 August 2017 / 14:09

      Thank you so much love I am loving ankara recenly ehh lol will check out ur recebt post.

  6. 21 August 2017 / 08:30

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