25 Jun 2017

Wearing Vintage is worth trying

vintage hipster outfit

Hello Everyone!!
I am super excited about the break and I actually went into hiding and decided to stay home throughout, I am super stressed and a girl needs a break.

vintage shirt

vintage fashion

I have always love Vintage blazers, skirts, shirts and Just everything that screams Vintage, I remember always going on Etsy.com just to check for vintage items that I can't even afford, Just so I can be happy. And I keep putting a lot of items in the cart hoping that One day I will definitely be able to afford them.
But before that, I definitely have to stick to my Market/ Thrift shopping for vintage items.
I went out for food shopping and I saw this in a hanger Just staring at me lol.
I had to ask for the price and even though the seller told me a very nonsense price, I ended up buying it for 500 Naira.
What a steal!!

I was so excited but somehow I never got to wear it because I was in law school at the time but recently I have been feeling like I need more clothes and so I brought out everything from my closet and I found this shirt and I knew that I had to show you guys.

I really love the prints, the flowers and I absolutely love the Colors.
The shirt makes me happy and I cannot explain it.
And no I am not exaggerating.

Who loves Vintage clothes like me?
Thank You for visiting

Shirt: Market
Pants: Ali express
Shoes: Mr Price


  1. Love love thrift shopping, the treasure you can find is amazing. I love this shirt girl, really writing down the things I am taking* from you when I come to see (lol) you


    1. Yesss you still owe me some things lmao!!! Thank you so much love 💕❤️Lmao come and collect oo.

  2. Okay. This fits so well. Beautiful

  3. Vintage is definitely worth trying and you've gotta love the affordability and uniqueness of vintage pieces. Love this outfit from head to toe, I'd totally rock it as is. Great bargain on the blouse too.

    Princess Audu

    1. I know right 💃🏻 Thank you very much!!

  4. A wonderful top and pants, calming to look at like the blue sky. Greetings!


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