Crop Top To Off The Shoulder Top (DIY)





Hey Guys!
I am so sorry I have been away but I wanted to take a break till I am done with my bar exams but I was like nope larisa not yet because I don’t want to be gone for too long. But maybe in July I will take that break. So please be patient with me during this time because I am so busy studying and I promise everyone would all be tired of me after bar finals.
 Off the shoulders has been trending for a while now in every way, shape and form and it has been an amazing trend that everyone loves. I have been on a shopping break for a while and I have been so tempted to shop and get different colours but I was like naaa not yet lol. Anyway I decided to improvise and try a DIY version which is simple and straightforward.
 I wish I could make a video but I do not have the time now but I will when I do. But It’s pretty simple lol.
Firstly you will need a top or shirt that has buttons or space in the middle.
Secondly wear the shirt or top and put it below your shoulders so basically the first 3 or 2 buttons should be opened and then button the 4th, and 5th button and tie the last part to make it a top, or button the other part to the end if its a long shirt to make it an off the shoulder dress. you can also use an old T shirt or if you have a shirt dress you can totally make it an off shoulder shirt dress or you can get your boyfriends shirt… lol. I will try to update this post with a video soon using different shirts and tops but I want it to be detailed and that takes time but till then I hope you get the idea. And if you don’t really understand please let me know and leave a comment below.
I decided to pair this with a pencil skirt, gold shoes to match, chocker and shades to complete the look. I really love this look because it screams chic.
let me know what you think about the look and how you’ll style yours.
Have an amazing weekend guys
Top: Misguided // Skirt: Misguided // Bag: Forever 21 // Choker: Etsy // Glasses: Forever 21
Shoes: Shoe Republic La


  1. 11 June 2016 / 06:12

    Love the look but I still can't figure out how you did it..
    All the best with your studying!

    • 12 June 2016 / 03:01

      Thank you love, lol I guess I have to make a video ASAP 😀

  2. En_kay
    11 June 2016 / 07:39

    I love
    Welcome back

  3. Anonymous
    1 April 2017 / 23:20


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