Yellow Top and Pink Shoes

yellow top and pink shoes

Hey Guys!
How is everyone doing? If you don’t already know, I am currently doing my court attachment  and it has been an amazing experience, I get to go to the magistrate court everyday and the chief magistrate supervising us is super hilarious and very helpful. So I am learning a lot and soaking it all in and at the same time waiting for November when I’ll be called to bar and be free finally.
So I found these pictures on my laptop, Just so you know I have a lot of pictures I haven’t posted because I don’t like them lol! “The struggle life of a blogger”, Anyway I decided to post this one. I decided to try a lil bit of colour blocking with a yellow top, black skater skirt and pink shoes and a pink bag. Everyone knows I love yellow…well if you don’t.. now you know.
There are a lot of colour combos I would love to try and I feel like this is a start. It’s so much fun mixing colours and colour blocking that I feel like everyone should try it, I think there are a lot of clever combos hiding in everyone’s closet and it’s up to you to bring them out this year.
What do you think about mine?
Have an amazing week Guys.
Top: SheInside // Skirt: Random shop // Shoes: Romwe // Bag: Misguided


  1. En_kay
    11 June 2016 / 07:58

    How do you have this and not post?
    It's super pretty girl
    I love the combo..quite girly and fun

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