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Hey Guys
I need to rant about the fact that things are hard in Nigeria at the moment, There’s no light and the price of fuel has annoyingly Increased and it’s so hard to find fuel that generator cannot even come on. Anyway you have to Ignore my unironed skirt because there’s been no light for 3 days and I can’t wait no more :D. By the way this is the first time I care about how bad the economy is because I am living the adult life now and so I can feel it and I really pray the economy get’s better so we can be happy and go back to online shopping lol!
Someone asked me if I shop a lot because I always blog new outfits and I told the person I don’t.
I blog so I can show people you don’t need to break the bank to shop, all you need to do is mix and match or pair in different ways and I explained that the person probably never pays attention to what I post on my blog. I don’t buy new clothes every day lol! Infact my closet is basically almost empty and I know I need clothes, but somehow I always find ways to pair differently and put it on the blog.
Girls are always like I have nothing to wear but we really do
If only we turn our closet upside down and search.
I love olive green, khaki and anything green and It was a huge trend in 2015 that I am still obsessed with and I knew I had to style them together.
Anyway I styled this top and skirt differently on the blog HERE AND HERE
I hope you like.
Thank you for visiting
Top: Misguided
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Shoe republic la


    20 April 2016 / 07:04

    Hmmmm! Nsogbu!!! 🙂

    • 20 April 2016 / 07:26

      Lmaoo what is that!!! 😀

  2. Sarah Enuwa Audu
    20 April 2016 / 19:38

    Lol girl I feel your pain when I first saw your pictures my though was ugh Nepa has been unfaithful. The struggle is real sha, I have resorted to taking my clothes to the dry cleaners so they can be ironed. And yes the country is hard, especially for the working class. I love the skirt, if only it was ironed though.

    Princess Audu

    • Sarah Enuwa Audu
      20 April 2016 / 19:40

      By the way it seems we are in sync as I also rocked Khaki in my recent post

    • 24 April 2016 / 09:43

      Lmaooo like the struggle is actually real and dry cleaners are actually our last hope and yea we are khaki sisters lmao! 😀

  3. Ellie Grayson
    25 April 2016 / 13:15

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  4. olive nanzi
    26 May 2016 / 09:55

    I'm such a bad shopper for myself. I love fashion and all that kind of stuff, but that's sort of the last thing I want to do when I'm done with a film is go shopping. I want to just chill.

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