the perfect casual outfit
 Hey Guys!!!!
whats popping, sorry I haven’t been posting a lot but my laptop charger got spoilt and so there was actually no other way to post on the blog, I even tried downloading some apps from on my phone but they were basically useless especially after paying and I wanted to cry lol. I just had to wait till I could afford another one and I do hope ya all forgive me.
By the way is it Just me or the heat in Naija can actually burn a person lol!!
mesh bodysuit and blue jeans

when describing my style casual is probably not the first thing that comes to mind especially after looking through my blog, but in my day to day life you will definitely see me rocking a top and a skinny jeans most of the time when I want to look simple and I am too stressed to look into my closet properly or when I want to hop out of the house in no time to be in time for whatever appointment I have. This outfit comes in handy and every girl needs a skinny jeans and a variety of tops so your life would be way easier
I found this perfect mesh bodysuit at MISGUIDED and I love it very much, check out how I styled it HERE. I actually always wanted a bodysuit like this for a while and was very happy when I finally got this baby.
I decided to pair with a blue skinny Jean and black shoes to match, well I would normally wear flat shoes when I am about to dash out but I wore heels to look a bit dressy…If that makes sense.
And obviously a perfect bag to match, I love this ankara bag from feraroy
signature, I just love it and I think its perfect.
What’s your perfect casual outfit?
Have an amazing week guys.
Click and Shop The Look: bodysuit HERE
                                            Jean: HERE OR HERE
Top: Misguided
Jean: Newlook
Shoes: Romwe
Bag: Feraroy Signature 


  1. En_kay
    8 March 2016 / 06:52

    I love the simplicity of the outfit
    The details are so well put together
    And that background is pure perfection

    • 8 March 2016 / 08:00

      Thank you love Iblush 🙂

  2. En_kay
    8 March 2016 / 06:53

    I love the simplicity of the outfit
    The details are so well put together
    And that background is pure perfection

    • 10 March 2016 / 14:26

      Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi
    8 March 2016 / 21:39

    Girl you fine,love it. The jeans looks amazing, like the pocket detail in front. You look amazing as usual

    • 10 March 2016 / 14:27

      Lol thank you sogie 😀 Iblush

  4. Muna
    1 April 2016 / 13:12

    Dope. Those jeans look specially made for you . . and that bag is everything.

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