Double Denim

Hey Guys!
Is it just me or Nigeria is super hot at the moment, like it’s so hot I want to cry lol…I guess I haven’t been in Naija at this time in like 4 years and I didn’t know it could get this hot or maybe it’s Just Abuja. Anyway I have decided to carry an umbrella everywhere I go ( shoutout to winifred for teaching me this) since I realised the sun was burning me as I am having discolouration and I am so not ready to turn darker than I am already.
So guys If your in a state that is super hot, get a sunscreen, exfoliate regularly and  make sure you wash your face regularly as well.
Secondly I want to share something I have been hearing a lot this week from my devotional to pastor Td Jakes preaching and my bible and it basically is you changing your mindset about everything in your life if you want a change in your life, If you want your 2016 to be amazing, then tell yourself it will be and start working towards what you want to achieve, have a positive mindset. Also know that there are going to be challenges because nothing good comes easily but also remind yourself that you have to go through it to get to your destination and reject depression and anxiety and Just change that mindset to a positive one.
 You all know double denim is a trend that has been around for decades and I am super sure it’s not going anywhere for a while, actually double denim is one of my favourite combination but I have never tried a skirt combination and I have actually been anxious to try and so here you go.  Double denim for women comes with a lot more options, you can wear a lot of different combinations.. you can wear denim shirts, jackets with skinny jeans, denim skirts, denim shorts and so much more. I decided to try two light colours with rose gold shoes to match and of course huge gold earrings because it was perfect.
You can check how I styled my double denim differently HERE
Do you love the double denim trend and can’t get enough of it and also how would you style your Double Denim?
Happy New week
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  1. Winifred Atusue
    22 February 2016 / 03:11

    Major shout out yo. I am a celeb now…lol.
    About the positive mindset, preach sister!
    Also, you look beautiful as always! I like my double denim with trousers.

    • 23 February 2016 / 20:52

      Lollll at celeb…ya know

    22 February 2016 / 04:15

    There goes my babyyyyyyyy!!! U look awesome darling, and it's a very inspirational write up. Proud of u darling. Keep it up! Lots of love, D.

    • 23 February 2016 / 20:52

      Thank you baby boy đŸ™‚ Iblush đŸ˜€

  3. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi
    22 February 2016 / 06:37

    Girl brace yourself, you ain't see nothing yet. The village I'm in the sun doesn't play and it has done weird days it would be hitting just your leg.
    Love the outfit, slaying as usual.

    • 23 February 2016 / 20:54

      Lmaoo at just ur leg!! Super true lolll thank you love!!

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