Ankara Bag Giveaway Winners

You know that moment when you are trying to do something but things keep getting in your way and you struggle and struggle but what you really need to do is take a chill pill and relax, settle down and do it or find an alternative.
So i know i promised to make a video and tell the giveaway winners, but somehow making a video has been a hassle and I am basically one week behind in telling who the winner is because I wanted it to be perfect, but you all know I am a law school student that has no free time at all lol! and I am always struggling to utilise my weekends but I just want you guys to bear with me and I promise to do as a I say next time.
Anyways I’ll have to announce the winners of the yellow and wine bag here! looking at the comments section on Instagram and the blogpost, Winifred made 8 people subscribe and Tonye made 2 people subscribe, so winifred gets the wine bag and Tonye gets the yellow bag. 
Will send them a mail now and send the bags to them and we deff can’t wait to see a picture of them rocking the bags.
Thank you guys so much for entering the giveaway and there is another one for valentines day..Good luck guys.
Have an amazing week
love you
Bags: Feraroy Signature

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  1. Winifred Atusue
    10 February 2016 / 08:25

    Yassssssss. Thanks so much Larisa!

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