Seasons Greetings through Nail Art


So I know this is late but I have to post it anyway, the plan was to post this before christmas but somehow that didn’t happen but it’s never too late so here.
My friend loves anything that has to do with nails and she is super creative and she is always painting her nails everyday( I ain’t lying)  and I just had to share on the blog, so maybe someone at home can try. She made a tutorial video showing how to draw a christmas tree on your nail, you can watch it above and also try maybe next year or now 😀 
she also post tutorials on her Instagram so you can follow her and learn a thing or two, her Instagram name is ceeavor.
It’s almost new year and I have a lot of plans I’ll share tomorrow but one of them is to post a lot of contents aside from outfit post and showcase creativity here and create opportunities for people as well as encourage them to follow their dreams and Just be different.
One of my reasons for starting this blog was to touch peoples lives somehow and I don’t know how but will try to do what I can do, so If you are creative and love doing something and you think you want to show the world then Hola!!
So I decided to start with chichi and I hope this encourages her to do more and make something off her amazing talent.
So please check her Instagram for more amazing nail art it’s CEEAVOR

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