Favourite things in my Closet

Hey guys!
How are ya all, missed me? lol
law school has resumed and bar 2 is not so easy, it’s just the second week of school and there is so much work to do already.. so I really pray that God gives me the strength to have time to blog as well, I have been feeling really bad about not posting a lot but with time ill plan a schedule and keep to it.
It’s Sunday and there’s thanksgiving in my church today and I am super excited because God has been faithful and I am going to dance my butt off, the fact that he kept me and my family, friends and everyone till this time is because he is amazing and faithful and thanking him is the only thing I can give right now.
Please never forget to Thank Him everyday.
So I made a video! lol! I was home sometime last week and I was basically bored and I thought of taking pictures for the blog but it was too late to get someone to take me pictures, so I decided to makeup and take selfies (yes I do this when I am bored) but then I thought what if I make a video, I have always wanted to make a look book but I wasn’t ready for that yet so I started thinking of possible ideas at that point and I just picked up somethings from my closet and decided to do the fav things in my closet video just to test how I look and if I can actually do this 😀
So I made the video but after watching it I decided to share, even if it was so weird watching myself plus seeing all my talking and bad habits lol! I still decided to upload, so this is it and it’s my first video ever and it’s not perfect plus I had to learn like a lot of things like editing and a lot more that will be in my next video so please be nice :).
I feel really shy by the way, putting this up because I know some people don’t really know me but maybe you will learn a thing or two about me by watching this video and I actually decided to post this one because I never intended to post it so I am all natural here and not acting all professional lol! because I know I can act all prim and proper when I know I will post the video..
So the really shy girl makes a video and with a brave face hits that publish button and shows the world Lmao!!!!!
please watch, share and leave your comments.
Have an amazing week guys
Clutch: misguided
Bag: Feraroy signature
Skirt: Misguided
Shoes: Misguided
Nail polish: Revlon


  1. Yinsongti
    26 November 2015 / 16:41

    Hahahahha. Love it.

    • 26 November 2015 / 17:08

      Lol thank you yinny 😀

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