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 Hey Guys
I am back again 😀 and yea I missed you too lol!
Recently I have been thinking about blogging and how to make it more fun for me and you guys too, fine…I know I can be too serious but I love blogging and it is becoming a chore and I want to make it fun and loosen up and make a lot of exciting post about a lot of things and I am currently working on watch out and yay!!!
Todays post is a fashion x haul post and I am gonna show you some new things I recently got and my outfit too. I am wearing a crop top with a short jean and I added the hat cause I think it gives a sexy look. This is an outfit I wear to a not so serious place or basically at home most of the time, you can wear this to the beach too or wherever you feel comfortable wearing it to.

 Since I am back in Nigeria now, I kinda look for how to get a lot of things especially for my apartment and it has been a struggle finding things, plus Nigeria or I think abuja is so expensive.. omg lol! we will survive tho, so I am going to be sharing some items and where you can get them or something similar, especially on a budget.
I got the tiny fragrance vase thing from park and shop in Wuse for my sitting room and I found something like this on jumia and konga, so if you want your room or anywhere to smell really nice, then you should also check out their scented candles aswell.
I also got the makeup somewhere in Banex in abuja and they have like a lot of makeup shops there and I almost got broke that day 😀 but before I got here I normally get my makeup from mymakeupng or beautyrev so you can check their site.
As for the shoes I got the gold one from mr price in Accra and I have never worn it and I am super excited about wearing it and I love how it looks on my legs.
The pink shoe story is kinda funny, I went to get flats for law school and I saw them and I knew I had to get them lol and I actually told the guy at the shop i was going to the atm machine and he should not sell them or I sell him lol.
As for the glasses my friend got them for me and the sandals my mum got it for me.

 I got an award during my final year international student association dinner and I won fashionista of the year (female) award in April, I actually had a picture when I was getting the award but I looked confused on stage lmao!!! so I decided not to show anyone but hell yea I need to show off the award and I got it thanks to everyone!!!

So thats it guys, if you want me to make a post about anything please feel free to comment below, I need ideas.
Have an amazing day and thanks for visiting
Top: H and M
Shorts: Thrifted
Hat: H and M


  1. 16 August 2015 / 17:04

    Thank you lover 😀 and thank you for the ideas will be on the blog soon xoxo :*

  2. Onyxsta Bleurgh
    18 August 2015 / 23:20

    This is a fun way to collate items for a haul post. Like this, it's cute. As are one too many items shown above x


    • 19 August 2015 / 10:26

      Awww thanks a lot 🙂

  3. 25 August 2015 / 09:31

    Awww Amen, thank u so much love 😀

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