White II Black

                                                                         Hello lovers
Greetings from moi! So I’m done with my exams and I am free and finally done with L.L.B whop!
It’s been tough and long but God has been good and it’s over finally!! the next stop is law school in Nigeria, you won’t even understand how happy I am.
Moving back to my country lol! well I am a bit excited or very excited I won’t lie.
The blog is almost a year and I remember it was just last summer I started blogging and I just want to say thank you to everyone that visit and leave a comment…Thanks Guys.
My life has changed so much because blogging is not something I thought i could do, I really just wanted to do something I love and have a happy place and blogging makes me happy, best believe I feel so much joy when I publish a blogpost and in the long run I want to do something that will change my life and impact on peoples lives *I don’t know what yet but it will come :D*
So now I’m gonna try to get better at blogging, and oh a giveaway to celebrate one year will be up soon.

To celebrate the end of my LLB. I decided to do a post wearing white and black..*law student problems* so I wanted to look stylish 😀 and so I paired it with the red bag to add a pop of color and the hat..well to be dramatic to be honest 🙂 trying to Channel my inner Janelle Monae, did I try or nah!

my you didn’t buy me icecream face 

                                            Have an amazing week guys and thank you for reading

Shirt: Marks and Spencer

Pants: H and M

Bag: Forever 21

Shoes: Romwe

Hat: Market


  1. Olufunmi Afolabi
    5 May 2015 / 05:55

    Beautiful! 🙂

  2. 360 backstage
    5 May 2015 / 08:52

    if i hear that you do Janelle Monae… Dont spoil my image of her o twinny…. Congrats btw

    • 5 May 2015 / 09:04

      Lolll hater!! Thank u 😀

  3. Bookie Kunlere
    5 May 2015 / 14:49

    The pants <3

    • 9 May 2015 / 22:16

      Awww thank you very much love xoxo

  4. En_kay Ede
    9 May 2015 / 19:26

    U look so pretty
    Congrats on ur exams


  5. joseph mclean-arthur
    9 May 2015 / 22:29

    Happy end of the road. Hope this isn't the last Ghana edition post.

    • 9 May 2015 / 23:05

      Thank u and u too 😀 but this ur dp is so proff lolll and no its not 😀

  6. sogie
    12 May 2015 / 01:01

    You are the queen of black and white. You look amazing. Congrats dear.

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