Stripes + Stud

                                                                  Hey Hey!
    Hi guys, I Hope everyone had an amazing day because i did 🙂 well you can see from my recent post that i have added weight lol i remember i used to pray to add weigh because i was so skinny and i hated it but i kinda decided to love it and rock it and the minute i stopped thinking about adding weight boom!! i added 😀 its so weird, now i can confidently say be careful what you wish for LMAO!!!!

     So I was thinking if should i go on a diet cause i really didn’t like my fat face lollll but i realized ill go back to school soon and reading A lot of law books will deff make me lose weight so i will enjoy it while i can :D.

 This post is my OOTD and just wanted to share cause i always wanted to post something with a long skirt and i love this skirt because its just nice and i love the slit and i just paired it with this studded black crop top with my heels and bag and thats it, no stress at all!!! This look is just perfect for normal outing maybe shopping, cinema, visiting friends… well not with the heels tho except you want to go somewhere really kinda official, well that depends on you, because i wore this outfit with flats out because i just went visiting and i just wore the heels just to take the pictures.

                                                                    Selfie lol
I love makeup but the hardest thing i have to learn is how to apply eyeshadow…someone needs to teach me ASAP lolll like i tried to experiment today and this is what i got lollll well i will keep learning.

                                           So everyone have a nice sunday Jesus loves you XOXO.

                 Tops: Charlotte russe// Skirt: Thrifted// Shoes: Charlotte russe// Bag: Micheal kors.


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