Hey guys i am back lol hope everyone is having fun 🙂
Todays blogpost is about the amazing handmade bag in the picture above by Feraroy signature, they make handmade bags like they are so fine 😀 and they take their time to make it to perfection, ill get pictures of the other ankara design bags they have and make another blog post but for now you can check some of the designs on Instagram and also they make sandals and ankara gowns, necklace or anything you want.

   I love what they do because its just perfect i just decided to wear a top and jean and i just threw the ankara bag on it and thats it :). The bags goes for 6000 naira but it depends on the size, there are smaller sizes and they are so cute and i just want all of it LOL!

   You can contact them on 07062547486 and check their other designs on Instagram @feraroy_signature.

                                  So guys going to keep rocking my bag now have fun XOXO.


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