Saturday Funday

                                                              Hey Guys
          I am so happy today because i realized nobody gives you happiness, you have to take it and make yourself happy and give God the praise he deserves, so no matter what you are going thru Smile :).
            I know i have Alot of black and white :D, i am a law student so kinda stuck with this LOL and no i am not obsessed with this colour but i love this look.. because its chic and well nice and so i decided to post this..decided to go with gold shoes to add a bit of colour.
                     I hope you have a nice weekend, i’m just chilling,bogging, on tumblr and thinking of the next post.
                                              Forever 21 blazer / Shoe republica shoes.


    • 17 June 2014 / 11:05

      thank you 🙂 will check it out

    • 17 June 2014 / 11:05

      omg!!! thank you so much and yes you would definitely find fingers crossed and they would look amazing on you 🙂

    • 21 June 2014 / 18:16

      Iknw right! Thanks bbz 🙂

  1. 14 July 2014 / 23:24

    I really love your style and blog too

  2. 6 October 2014 / 21:55

    Love the gold details on the skirt

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