24 Jul 2017

Ankara outfit to try this summer // Ankara Co-ord

Ankara co ord

Hello loves!!
Long time no post :D
I am really sorry I have been off for a while but I was working on the blog to make it perfect for you guys and I actually did not want to post till the blog was ready but due to some circumstances it didn't go as planned and I couldn't wait any longer.
So I Just decided to go on with posting and everything till it's perfect.
By the way can you peep my name change?!
I have always wanted to change my blog name and larisasdiary was always a temporary name to me and it was hard coming up with a name for years because I am Just the worst when it comes to picking names.
Over the years I came up with like a 100 names and hated them lmao!!! but this name came into my head at a very weird time, I kept thinking about it for a while and I felt really good about it so I hope you like.
And If you don't I love you too :)

Larisa le fleur Means larisa the flower

I love flowers so I totally love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Ankara flare trouser

Ankara flare trousers

Ankara styles

Ankara outfit to try this summer

Ankara outfit

One of my goals this year was to try a lot of African prints and Ankara styles and God loves me so much because I kept getting Amazing Ankara gifts and I was super excited because I had given up on some of these Nigerian brands that has amazing outfits but *ridiculously expensive* and * waste of money* in my opinion.
I am Just going to wait till I make millions then I will buy.

After hoarding the materials for a while, I finally found a tailor that gets me and I literally gave her all my materials to sew. so guys please keep coming back to my blog because I have a lot more to show.

I decided to try the flare trouser and crop top trend and I am totally so In love with it, I paired with gold shoes and a tiny black bag. I think this outfit is perfect for this summer and I am challenging one of my readers to try it.

By the way I finally made another video and I have a lot more videos coming soon on my youtube channel.

Please support me and subscribe.

Thank you for visiting

Outfit: Tailor

Shoes: Misguided

Bag: Marks and spencer


25 Jun 2017

Wearing Vintage is worth trying

vintage hipster outfit

Hello Everyone!!
I am super excited about the break and I actually went into hiding and decided to stay home throughout, I am super stressed and a girl needs a break.

vintage shirt

vintage fashion

I have always love Vintage blazers, skirts, shirts and Just everything that screams Vintage, I remember always going on just to check for vintage items that I can't even afford, Just so I can be happy. And I keep putting a lot of items in the cart hoping that One day I will definitely be able to afford them.
But before that, I definitely have to stick to my Market/ Thrift shopping for vintage items.
I went out for food shopping and I saw this in a hanger Just staring at me lol.
I had to ask for the price and even though the seller told me a very nonsense price, I ended up buying it for 500 Naira.
What a steal!!

I was so excited but somehow I never got to wear it because I was in law school at the time but recently I have been feeling like I need more clothes and so I brought out everything from my closet and I found this shirt and I knew that I had to show you guys.

I really love the prints, the flowers and I absolutely love the Colors.
The shirt makes me happy and I cannot explain it.
And no I am not exaggerating.

Who loves Vintage clothes like me?
Thank You for visiting

Shirt: Market
Pants: Ali express
Shoes: Mr Price

20 Jun 2017

A cool way to pull off black and white

street style

I hope everyone is having an amazing week!!
The last few months has been stressful but I am doing really fine.
Oh and by the way I just want to say that you guys know I am a lawyer right? So do not hesitate to contact me If you need someone to give you legal advice or you want to do anything under corporate law because I am the person you need :D
I need Jobs please :)

There is this feeling I get when I decide to stop worrying and I give all my worries and headache to God. It is the most amazing feeling ever.
I learnt that stressing and worrying does not change anything. All you can do is be positive, change your mindset, tell yourself that you would be fine and lastly give it to God.

african hair series

black and white outfit

Afro hair

African hairstyle
black and white outfit

Nigerian fashion bloggers

monochrome outfit

Karl Lagerfeld once said "Black and White always looks Modern"

The simplicity of Monochrome makes it a timeless classic and once again I have fallen in love with it. Wearing black and white head to toe is the easiest formula for a put together look. whether it's wearing black and white pants, tops, dresses or anything else, I feel like it is hard to mess up this combination. Black and white is still a big trend and high street shops like Zara, Mango still have an amazing collection of Monochromatic outfits that look Amazing.

Another reason I love this trend is because you don't have to spend time worrying about what accessories will coordinate since black and white goes with everything. You can simply wear anything that looks nice and goes with the look.

I am wearing a White shirt with a sleeveless top I wore over it, paired with a short skater skirt and a gold chain belt because I wanted a lil bit of colour with gold shoes and a grey bag.

I totally love my look and I think It makes me look super cool lol!
If I don't praise myself who will?

Do you like this look?
Thanks for visiting

Shirt: Marks and spencer
Top: Marks and spencer
Skirt: Mr price
Bag: Zara


13 Jun 2017

African Hair Series 1: Hair on a Budget

hair series

Hello Everyone!
I hope you guys had an amazing weekend?
Mine was alright till I heard of the death of my best friends dad, I was shattered and sad I didn't know what to say or do but at the end of the day I told myself God has a reason for everything.
My love, I know you will see this and I want you to know that I love you, I will always be here for you and it is going to be fine because God know best.

I know this has nothing to do with the post but I had to let everyone know that life isn't perfect and even bloggers do not have perfect lives and we go through things as well, Ignore the amazing pictures or perfect Instagram feed or whatever and Just be happy with own life because you never really know what people go through except they tell you.

Do not forget to Thank God for your life and family and always continue to pray for Everyone.
african hair style

african hair series


In my last post I talked about trying new things and one of these things was changing from the normal hair styles I usually make ( which is side part or center part weaves)  to something totally different from the norm. If you know me you will realise that I don't even make braids, I am scared of hair pain as well as scared to look different and I just always want to look a certain way.

So I decided to start a hair series and over the next 3 months I'll do a totally different hairstyle that is less than 5,000 Naira and 20 dollars for those outside Nigeria.

I have two reasons for wanting to do this series which are:
  • To be more open to trying new things for 3 months.
  • Get nice looking looking hair on a Budget.
For those in Nigeria you know the Economy is hard and letting your human hair rest for a while or taking a break from normal braids to try other styles, won't be a bad idea plus maybe you have over used your weaves and there is no money to buy more.

Let's do this together.

The hair I used is called afro funky and it is an expression product, I used one pack and didn't even finish it. If you want it really full then you can get two packs but your hair will look so huge.
I got it for 1,500 Naira in Wuse Market here in Abuja and I found it on an American site for 8 dollars, you also need an attachment that you can get for 800 naira and for those outside Nigeria below 5 dollars for the weaving.
Whatever state or country you are in, you will definitely find it in the market or a beauty supply store.
I fixed Ghana braids at the front and the hair stylist cut it in a box shape, then the hair was sewn halfway so it was basically sewing and weaving.

I was actually really scared to try this hairstyle but I told myself I could do it and I totally love my new look, I remember leaving the saloon and I got like a lot of compliments before I got home and  everyday people still tell me they love it.

I hope you guys love my hair and you are excited about this new series like moi!!
If you have any questions ask in the comment section and I will reply you.
Thanks for visiting


10 Jun 2017

Lady In Red

lady in red

Hello Everyone!
This Month has been amazing for me and I hope it is for you too and If you don't think so then I really want you to reflect on what God has done for you this year. The fact that you have food, shelter, clothes and you are alive is enough to make you grateful today.

My song of the day is Made a way by Travis Greene.
I was worrying too much and my friend told me to listen to this song, I did and I loved it so much and I couldn't stop singing. I felt better and Encouraged and the Amazing thing was that in less than 3 hours after all this, a Miracle happened and what I was worrying about just went away Immediately.

These pictures were taken on a Sunday after church which was a praise day and so I had danced so much that I feel like you can see how happy I was in the pictures :)

red skater skirt

Ignore my Vampire teeth lol
I got this top few weeks ago and Immediately I saw it I knew I had to get it and It was on sale as well.
I wanted to look really girly, so I paired it with a skater skirt with heels and a cute small bag to complete the look.
I hope you like?

white top and red skirt

Can you spot my new hair?
I decided to try something different and I am actually In love with it.
I am a very weird girl because I hate to try new things or experiment due to fear or whatever it was but I can tell you now that I have decided to let myself go and try new things.
I actually want to start a hair series but I'll let you guys know the details later.

How would you style yours?
Thank you for visiting

Top: Trueworth

Skirt: She Inside

Shoe: Misguided

Bag: Marks and Spenser

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